Kansa Wand Video Demonstration

MATERIAL: Kansa is a blend of metals: copper, tin & zinc. It literally translates as bronze. These metals are considered sacred and draw out impurities, while the mechanical manipulation,  clears lymph, reinvigorates the skin and signals the muscles to relax.
SEQUENCE: The traditional sequence uses odd numbers, such as 3, 5 or 7 circles or passes.  You will count to yourself and with practice it will feel more natural to maintain a steady rhythm counting odd numbers.
HISTORY / APPLICATION: There is an entire body sequence that is related to Ayurvedic Marma Therapy (an ancient Ayurvedic system from India that dates back 5,000 years). It is an energetic healing technique that aligns the body's energy centers.  Marma Therapy can be compared to Acupressure in that there are acupressure points that connect to pathways of the body. You can target a specific part of the body, such as the soles of the feet or palms of the hands (a very calming technique for treating PTSD, to unwind from stress & tension, to encourage a Relaxation Response).  It is very powerful when applied to the abdomen (to soothe digestive disorders & calm the Nervous System).
CHEMICAL REACTION: You will notice that my skin becomes flushed, discolored/ grey or black in areas.  This is a natural chemical reaction of the blended metals with the lymphatic fluid that is rising to the surface of the skin.  Notice areas of the face where there is stagnation or 'stuck energy' (discoloration may not appear until the 2nd pass or not at all, depending on your body’s chemistry).  This can indicate a clearing or detoxifying and is also due to the alkalinity of the metal and it's effect on the pH levels of the skin. Don’t worry, this 'smudginess' is not permanent and is easily removed with a warm wet washcloth. 
OILS: I did not use any oil for glide.  As you stimulate or ‘call up lymph’, a glide will naturally occur.  If you would like to use oil for glide, here are some oils that are appropriate for the face: sesame, avocado, squalane olive or jojoba oils. 
*Note: Copper in the blended metal, is antibacterial (this can benefit acneic conditions).
BENEFICIAL EFFECTS: The metal surface is cold at first and warms up as you progress. That is normal as circulation rapidly increases.  You may notice an immediate glowy response! It is appropriate for all skin types & safe to use during pregancy, (except for those with sensitivity to certain metals).  It is a wonderful modality for alleviating Sinus Pressure, Tension Headaches, Teeth Grinding/Clenched Jaw.  It melts away a ‘fixed expression’ (smoothing out fine-lines & wrinkles).  It can diminish puffiness under the eyes.  You may notice firmer, more contoured features, especially the cheekbones and jawline as the excess fluids drain out. The texture of the skin dramatically changes from dull-lackluster to a radiant youthful glow!
RELAX & ENJOY: Before you begin, inhale deeply through the nostrils and exhale with a sigh out of the mouth.  Breathe evenly as you glide and circle the face. The experience is meditative. Be sure to drink a nice big glass of water after the treatment.
COST: A Kansa Wand ranges from $25-$300. The Kansa Wand I am using cost me about $25. They vary in size. The larger wands are pricier and are generally used on the body (I use a medium sized wand for both the body & face). There is also a T-shaped wooden handle model with a very small metal end that is used for deep-pressure, trigger points and release. Make sure the handle is wood --if it’s a plastic handle, it will not have the best energetic quality for the treatment.
CLEANING: Use soap & water to clean.  (At the studio, I wash it with soap & water, then place in a UV light sterilizer after each use). I do not recommend using an alcohol or bleach disinfectant solution. You can use lime juice to polish the metal & rinse with water.
IN -TREATMENT: I incorporate Kansa Wand Therapy in a specialized service called Lilith's Way: Energetic Healing.  Depending on the client's needs at the time of their treatment, Kansa Wand Therapy is included as part of a facial or massage. When you receive Kansa Wand Therapy, the effect is deeply relaxing and restorative.