Therapeutic Massage

This full body massage begins when you take a deep breath, exhale the tensions of your day, and inhale the scent of aromatic oils chosen just for you. Bodywork starts with a deeply relaxing foot massage that releases tension from the feet on up. I target scar tissue and energetic blocks, tracing the shoulder blades, extending out through the arms, wrists and hands, to the mid and lower back and legs. The massage ends seamlessly with special attention given to lengthening the spine, and unwinding the muscles of the neck, jaw and scalp. You will leave the session feeling completely refreshed and renewed.  
60 minutes $195
75 minutes $225
For those occasions when you need more time to fully unwind and experience a deeper release of tension and /or relief from pain. This 90-minute session will allow time to concentrate on a specific problem area of your body. It can make all the difference when you're suffering from an acute condition, or from chronic injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Restless Leg Syndrome, or Temporal-Mandibular Jaw Strain. You choose your preferred comfort level of pressure, light, medium or deep-tissue, that will be applied during this soothing and restorative therapeutic massage.
1 hour 30 minutes $260
Research has shown that the topical application of Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp, has remarkable analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can provide relief from a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, muscle soreness, and symptoms associated with arthritis. CBD infused oils accelerate the release of tension, help restore balance, and can be more effective than over-the-counter oils and creams intended to ease inflammation and acute conditions.  The CBD products used in this treatment are THC-free, grown in the USA, vegan, triple test certified, Hempfield Botanicals.
CBD add-on $25
For those who need a deep tissue massage that breaks up adhesions.  Tames tension built up in the muscles (especially between the shoulder blades).  Great for relieving that 'stuck feeling' for those that are in a fixed posture in front of a screen for several hours.  You will be amazed at how much stress can be released using the Gua Sha stone method, alleviating long-held tension stored in the shoulders and neck!
Add-On $20