Pregnancy Massage

This is a comprehensive side-lying massage for an expectant mother. Its is a nourishing treatment; soothing anxiety and tension during pregnancy. As a Certified Prenatal Practitioner, I pay particular attention to the re-alignment of the neck, shoulders, hips and spine, to alleviate muscle strain and tightness in the lower back. This energizing massage is a great stress reducer for mothers-to-be and is recommended as you approach your 20th week - with your OB/GYN's approval.
60 minutes $205
This deeply relaxing treatment is a great way to de-stress and unwind during the 3rd trimester when a longer session enhances the benefits. boosting the physical strength and endurance of the mother. As the due date approaches the traditional Chinese technique of applying acupressure to points along specific meridians helps calm the mother and encourage labor.
75 minutes $240
A new mother can really benefit from a nurturing restorative massage. To accommodate nursing mothers, I provide a side-lying treatment for your comfort. This Postnatal service is frequently booked along with a scalp massage, for an additional 15 minutes of absolute bliss.  For those rare times when you can manage to find time away from your newborn, booking a 75-minute treatment is the perfect solution for new moms who need some serious 'me time'.  It is recommended that you wait 4-6 weeks after labor.
60 minutes $205