My training and philosophy are grounded in an Ayurvedic concept of health and healing that allows for a more comprehensive approach to skincare. My goal is to restore balance and help you maintain strong vibrant skin. Following an in-depth analysis, you will receive a luxurious facial using a selection of safe and gentle locally sourced products, including my own hand-crafted  exfoliators, masks & herbal blends, chosen just for you.  My Signature Facial includes a relaxing upper body, arm and hand massage, and finishes with gentle Facial Point Stimulation to clear lymph and promote an even deeper relaxation response. This service can incorporate extractions for clients needing a deep pore cleanse.
75 minutes $230
A Signature Facial extended to an hour and a half allows time for employing additional modalities, and­ to concentrate more thoroughly on problem areas, including dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, congested pores, hyperpigmentation, and lines around the mouth & between the brows.
90 minutes $280
This ancient Chinese medical treatment, often touted as ‘natural Botox’, delivers powerful anti-aging results. It wakes up dull lifeless skin, tones facial muscles and eases tension in the neck and shoulders. As a Certified Gua Sha practitioner, having studied under Dr. P. Zhang, LMT, PhD., L.Ac., pioneer, researcher and specialist in the field of anti-aging Traditional Chinese Medicine, I use genuine natural gemstones to clear lymph, reduce discoloration, smooth and sculpt a sagging neck and jawline, plump deep lines and smooth out wrinkles. You will be amazed by the immediately visible results and the revitalizing effects of this non-invasive face-lift.
30 minutes $115
15-minute add-on $65
Referred to as ‘non-surgical face lifts, Microcurrent toning is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that benefits all skin types. Low-levels of safe & painless electrical impulses are sent to muscles in the face and neck. Tightened muscles relax and under-worked muscles regain strength. The treatment improves circulation and stimulates the production of collagen. It improves skin tone and texture, reduces fine lines, and results in a more vibrant appearance. The effects are cumulative, the more treatments you have, the more improvement you will see. Weekly sessions for 3-4 weeks, and once a month thereafter, are highly recommended. More information + contraindications can be found on the Microcurrent Toning Page.
50 minutes $190
Microcurrent Toning + Gua Sha Facial
70 minutes $265
This powerfully and effectively exfoliates the skin to resolve scarring from acne, diminish discoloration, fine lines, enlarged pores, and coarsely textured skin; and it allows for increased absorption of nourishing products that soften and brighten the skin’s appearance. 
Add-On $25
This is a seasonal offering, available in October and November, that can be incorporated into a Signature or Advanced Care Facial. Using an organic, non-toxic product, produced in small batches by Brooklyn Herborium, the pumpkin enzyme peel is safe and gentle on the skin while promoting a deeper exfoliation to reveal a brighter, softer texture, and an increased absorption of healing post-care products. Photo-Therapy enhances this treatment by boosting the lasting benefits of skin-cell renewal, resulting in a radiant clear complexion. Wonderful for post-summer, sun-damaged skin, and as a 'reset' for all skin types as we transition from summer to fall. A follow-up session within 2-3 weeks is recommended. 
Add-On $30