Specialty Services

This relaxing scalp massage stimulates circulation, nourishes the roots, revitalizes the hair, and relieves pressure at the base of the neck. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how this treatment can focus scattered thoughts, improve your memory, and calm a busy mind.
30 minutes $102
15-minute add-on $59
This is a non-invasive acupuncture technique that stimulates specific points on the ears. It is used for a wide range of problems that include alleviating pain, all types of addictions, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, internal disorders, and even weight loss. It balances energy and promotes an overall sense of well-being. At the conclusion of the session ‘ear seeds’ are placed at key points on the ears to extend the benefits of the treatment. 
20-minute add-on to a Massage or Facial  $40
This deeply calming and relaxing session gently moves stagnated energy and removes traumatic blockages that prevent the attainment of optimal health and healing. The session begins with a comprehensive consultation focused on tuning into the client’s specific needs. This empowering journey is experienced fully-clothed, surrounded and supported by pillows, as you recline under a light-weight cover. During the session, a soft and gentle touch is used to guide your energetic auric field. The body's energy centers (chakras) are re-aligned and deeper realms are explored, producing a profound shift toward letting go of obstacles. Through the application of Pranic breathing techniques, guided meditation, the laying on of genuine crystals and gemstones, aromatherapy, and sound bath vibrations emanating from a Tibetan bronze bowl, cymbals and chimes, this energetic healing session delivers an overall feeling of well-being and a renewed sense of purpose.
90 minutes $310